GammerlerTech offers a full range of Case Erectors

We can help you to execute everything from smaller projects to fully automated systems, which include case erection, product picking and placing, ending with a finished carton, that is ready to ship

Automatic Case Erector

-Our state of the art case erector automates the box forming process.

-We offer horizontal and vertical filling options.

-Various levels of automaion are available (e.g. the box filling process can be done manually or it can be fully automated).


Automatic Case Erector with Form, Fill, Seal

-Fully automated packaging machine with case forming, case filling, and case closing.

-Case closing can be accomplished with glue or tape

-Our case erectors can hold up to 100 cartons and are equipped with an automatic feeding system.

-Our machines are equipped with multiple sensors to ensure a seamless production.

Wrap Around Case Packer

We offer a wrap around case packer.

Wrap around case packers are especially useful for large/heavy products that are hard to maneuver (e.g. wood flooring).

Wrap around case options include but are not limited to:
– open tray
– box completely closed (with lid)
– tray with lid
– trays with side walls of different heights



Shrink Wrapper

-We offer machinery for automatic shrink wrapping.

-We can shrink wrap various types of products, including brick, glass/plastic bottles, milk cartons, jars, and many more.

-Option to use pre-printed film

Some recent representative installations



-Full range of case erectors with different levels of automation

-Steel construction

-Highly Customizable

-Emergency stop and safety system

Food? We can offer you a clean and sanitary solution

You create a great product, let us do the rest!

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